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Buzz Kelley for Alaska

United States Senate Republican Candidate 2022


Hard Right Turn

America is the greatest country in the history of the world. We have overcome every enemy, we have outperformed every economy and we have set the highest standard for freedom and opportunity. But right now America is under attack. Socialist militants and wealthy little Hitlers seek to divide our country and pull America down into a socialist cesspool.

About 1913 conservatives fell asleep behind the wheel. That is the year we, unfortunately, got saddled with income tax AND the Federal Reserve. Well, apparently conservatives have been asleep behind the wheel ever since because right now America has got some major issues we MUST get a handle on.

The Three E's

If elected my first three goals are energy, economy and education.

Walking Under Gas Pipes


We MUST be energy independent.

Railroad workers


We MUST let people keep more of their hard earned money.

Learning is Fun


We MUST take back our education system from the radical left.

Here is a Simple 2 Step Plan


Call your congressmen or congresswomen now. Write your governor now. E-mail your mayor now. Tell them we do not want a weak and declining country. Tell them we want a strong and world-leading America. Tell them to uncuff our energy industry so that the price of gas and everything else will go down. Tell them to stop the invasion of our southern border. Tell them to stop all the ridiculous government spending that threatens to crush our economy


Please find time to read my Pros and Nos. If I am tracking where you are tracking then I would much appreciate your support and like South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem says, “Help me save America."

We must act NOW!

It really is now or never my friends. When there is no gas at the gas station it will be too late. If the economy does stumble it will be too late. When there is no food at the stores it will be too late. When your children look at you and say “Mommy, I’m hungry,” it will be too late.

Show Your Support

At this time we do not have a means of accepting donations.  Anyone experienced with campaign finances wanting to do some pro bono work can reach us through our Contact page.  In the meantime tell your family, tell your friends, go to all the social media platforms and let everyone know now is the time to vote for conservatives who love America.  We MUST act.  We MUST vote.


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