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My favorite colors are Red, White and Blue.

I have worked for 51 years and America has been good to me.

Now it is time for me to return the favor.

Now it is time for all Americans to return the favor.

My parents Betty Jane and Benny Harrison Kelley taught me well.

In 1959 we were all homesteaders 1.1 miles up Hollywood Road.

Vine was a moose trail and KGB was a double-wide moose trail.

I tell you life in the last frontier was not easy.

It is kind of funny sometimes to hear people complain about this or that. I think to myself, “You don’t know squat.”

From my mom, I learned to be kind and forgiving, even though there was very little forgiveness if Saturday morning chores were not done :) But most importantly from my mom, I learned to seek the Lord’s will for my life. He is orchestrating the long game. We are not able to do that.

From my dad, a union plumber, I learned provision and “Git er done!” There again very little room for lack of performance. When he died at an early age the 160-acre homestead got sold off and that money helped support my mom, my sister, and me.

So what are my default composite values?

Seek the Lord’s will and “Git er done!”

If you believe in freedom. If you believe in equality. If you believe in opportunity and that shining city on the hill named America then join me and join the millions of other Americans who right now are saying, “Let’s roll!”

(“Let’s roll!” The heroic final moments of United Flight 93 on 9/11/01)


Buzz Kelley's Background

  • 65 years old

  • Christian conservative

  • Married 34 years

  • 3 children, 3 grandchildren

  • Retired mechanic out of the Operating Engineers Local 302 Alaska

  • Born down in America, Lived most of my days in AK, Got here in 1959

  • Here in Alaska for the big 1964 earthquake

  • 1975 graduated from Bartlett

  • Here in Alaska in 1980 when Jay Hammond started PFD

  • Worked on the Trans-Alaska pipeline

  • August 82-August 83 YWAM Paris, France 3 mos in Beirut, Lebanon

  • Here in Alaska during the big housing crash in the late 80s

  • In 1988 Married the best girl that ever happened to me, Susan Lynn

  • 1994 Associates degree in Human Services from Mat-Su College

  • Welded up some aluminum boats, built decks, co-owned a couple of small auto shops, worked as a HD mechanic out of operating engineers and fireman for the Alaska Railroad, worked as a deckhand on a fishing boat, worked as an HD mechanic out of Operating Engineers Local 370 out of Spokane, WA and out of Operating Engineers Local 3 out of Stockton, CA

  • 2002-2021 ARCTEC Alaska HD mechanic at military radar sites Local 302

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